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What will I have to do when my will is complete?

Having completed the making, signing and witnessing of your Will, there are a number of other things that ideally you should do before they are forgotten: -
  • Make sure that your Will is stored securely in a place that is thief-proof, tamper-proof, water-proof and fire-proof (not just fire-resistant).  If you don`t possess a safe of the requisite strength, we can arrange safe storage for a small one-off lifetime charge.  Also, please note that there are a number of other benefits in us arranging your Will storage.  See our page on Document Storage.
  • Make a copy of your funeral instructions (the undertaker and family may need them before the Will is read)
  • For similar reasons to above, even if included in your Will, make a list of any wishes or instructions you may have about donations to a charity, instead of flowers at your funeral.
  • Make a list of all the family members and friends etc who should be notified of your death and funeral arrangements
  • Make a list of the organisations that will need to be informed of your death. This would include those companies who are providing personal or household services, as well as the banks, building societies, insurance companies, state and private pension providers etc.
  • Instructions should be written where to find all your important documents including your passport, driving licence, share certificates, policies, deeds etc
  • As above, instructions should be written where to find the original or copies of all the keys that you currently have in use
  • A list should be made of those items that should be returned to the appropriate authorities such as library books, passports, driving licence, equipment borrowed from the local authority or the NHS
  • A list should be made of those items such as library cards, NI medical card, store cards, credit cards or debit cards etc that are to be destroyed after the relevant organisation has been notified of your death.
  • Finally. make sure that a copy of the above list of instructions is given to your executors and to your close family