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Your will: more than just a matter of life and death?

ManOne of the advantages of being a small family company is that we cannot be dictated to by a higher authority that insists on more sales and bigger profits at the expense of service to the client.  We are driven by our own standards and business ethics, and it is our intention to place the interests of the client before any other at all times, even if by so doing we sacrifice sales income we could otherwise expect.

Currently, the Will writing industry is not regulated by any independent body, and it was for this reason that we decided to become a member of The Society of Willwriters as they promote a code of conduct for the industry.  A code that we are more than happy to subscribe to.

Being members of the Society also means that if required, for example in a particularly complex case, we have access to experts in each of the different fields of activity that we are engaged in, which in addition to Will writing includes Probate and Estate Administration, Trusts and Trust Administration, Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning, effective planning for Care Home Charges, Funeral Plan Arrangements and preparing and submitting Lasting Power of Attorney documents to the Office of the Public Guardian.

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