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Estate Administration

We always advise our clients that first and foremost they should appoint as their executors and trustees those people they most trust to look after their affairs after they have died. Generally this would be close family or friends who have the willingness, time and intelligence to administer their estate. Sometimes however, the chosen person is otherwise too committed, too distressed, or too busy to serve.  Sometimes the chosen person simply needs help or advice in obtaining probate and undertaking the task of administering and distributing the estate. As members of The Society of Will Writers, we advise that The Trust Corporation is appointed as reserve executor. The Trust Corporation is an arm of The Society of Will Writers, the leading body in the Will writing profession. As specialists in estate administration, not only are their charges very competitive, but for the clients of members of the Society they offer a choice of either undertaking the complete administration or, where the family member or close friend wishes to undertake the work, they will act in an advisory capacity.

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On a practical note, for those considering taking on the administration of an estate, it is worth noting that for married couples and civil partners, with recent tax changes (2007), the Nil Rate Band Inheritance Tax allowances are transferable and available on second death to the estate of the survivor. It will be necessary however to provide the HM Revenue and Customs with proof that the nil rate band allowance had not been used in whole or in part at the time of first death, no matter how long ago that was.  On first death therefore, it would be prudent to make a note of the amount of the nil rate band allowance used by the deceased and store the information with the Will of the surviving spouse.

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