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How much does it cost to protect my assets and plan my estate?

Normal Services

A Standard Single Will - From £100 + VAT

A standard will for a single person. This (and the Standard Mirror Wills) is our core service. We believe that you will not get a better service anywhere else. You will recieve a level of care and attention second to none. If you need your will making, then this is the Gold Standard service that you need.

We will come out to see you and spend half an hour or so on an initial consultation discussing your circumstances - your family structure, your assets, what is important for you etc. We will then spend a further half an hour to an hour taking the instructions for your will. On this visit we will also provide you with one of several factsheets to help you to achieve your financial goals. We will then draw up a draft will and send this out to you to check over and make any amendments that you think are necessary. Once you are happy with the draft will, we will produce the final document ready for signing and witnessing. Along the way, full explanations and advice is given on any aspect of your circumstances that would impact on your Will. Where appropriate, further products or services may be offered, but only where we can demonstrate a specific benefit for either you or your nearest and dearest.

Standard Mirror Wills - From £150 + VAT

Two standard separate Wills for a married couple (or civil partners), where their individual wishes mirror each other. No trusts included other than the standard family 18-25 trust. All other aspects to this service are as with the Standard Single Will service.

Family Will (Single) - From £140 + VAT

Family Will (Couple) - From £200 + VAT

The family will includes provisions for children in the event of their parents or guardians passing away whilst the children are still in their minority. This would encompass the appointment of guardians, any directions to the guardians for the upbringing of the children, the consideration of how the inheritance should be held in trust for the children, at what age they would receive their inheritance and any specific conditions or restrictions placed on the trustees of the assets to be held.

Economy Wills - By negotiation

If you are needing to watch the pennies, then we can discuss the making of your will and come to an agreement on price. NOT ALL WILLWRITING SERVICES ARE THE SAME! We believe that the level of service, the care and attention to detail, the factsheets that we provide specifically for you in our Standard Service are second to none and will give you far more value than if you get your will made elsewhere. However, it may be possible to cut out some of the additional benefits that we offer and to make the Will at a lower price. Call us and ask about making an economy will and we can come to an agreement on the price and the level of service.

Will Trusts

Family Protection Will (Single) - From £400 + VAT

Family Protection Will (Couple) - From £600 + VAT

This very popular Will format includes provisions for a couple to protect each half of their property to avoid the various problems which can occur after the first death. Not least of these problems is that of "Sideways Disinheritance". To protect each half of the property for the ultimate preservation of assets for future generations, the Family Protection Will is the right solution for many couples.

Some companies refer to these Wills as being "Protective Property Trust" Wills, or "Right to Reside" Wills. We prefer the term "Family Protection Will" as it describes the purpose rather than the feature.

Disabled / Vulnerable Person's Trust  (Single) - from £300 + VAT

Disabled / Vulnerable Person's Trust  (Couple) - from £450 + VAT

Complies with FA 2006, protects assets and benefits for the vulnerable person with nominated trustee's discretion over distribution. The instruction for the trust to be created is included within a person or couple's Will.

Other Will Trusts

Other Will Trusts exist which perform other functions. For example, a Will Trust can be created to take advantage of various Inheritance Tax Planning opportunities that exist at the point of death. Rather than providing a list of trusts and prices, many of which are totally irrelevant to the majority of Wills, your TWP consultant will be able to show you the relevant and useful trusts that you may wish to consider to achieve your personal Estate Planning goals.

Business Trusts and Services

Business Property or Agricultural Property Trust - Price to be advised

To take assets and cash eligible for BPR or APR on trust for children, life interest to spouse (life tenant).

Partnership Agreements - Price to be advised

Includes schedule for when a partner leaves a practice. Additional sets for partners £15 per partner.

Shareholder Agreements - Price to be advised

Where multiple shareholders agree how their share shall be handled on death of one. Additional sets for shareholders £15.00 per shareholder.

Lifetime Settlement Trusts

Family Asset protection Trust - Price To Be Advised

Puts the family home into trust for the children, whilst allowing the client to live in the property.

Pilot Trust - Price To Be Advised

Can be useful for Death in Service and other policies written into trust. (To be valid the trust must contain monetary value – Therefore, to include a £10.00 note).

Power of Attorney

Ordinary Power of Attorney - From £80 + VAT


Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) - Property & Financial Affairs - From £250 + VAT

The Enduring Power of Attorney is no longer available as from October 1, 2007 and is replaced by the more comprehensive .LPA.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) – Health and Welfare - From £250 + VAT

This LPA can incorporate a Living Will.

LPA Property & Financial Affairs and LPA Health & Welfare (Single) - From £450 + VAT

LPA Property & Financial Affairs and LPA Health & Welfare (Couple) - From £800 + VAT

Where a client wishes to take both LPAs the price is reduced as above.

Please note the above charges for LPAs are in addition to the registration charges made by The Office of the Public Guardian.

Delivery Services

Express Will Service - From £30.00 Extra Per Will (£50 for Mirror Wills)

Guaranteed 3-day service or requested date thereafter.

Fast Track Will Service - from £150 + VAT Extra Per Will

Same day Service – guaranteed completion within 24 hours. Please Note: - This service is for emergency Wills (death bed Wills) and includes documents only (no attestation service).

Miscellaneous Charges

Grant of Probate Assistance £350 + VAT + court fees

When a person passes away, their estate ordinarily requires a Grant of Probate to be issued before the assets can be distributed. We can assist you to complete all paperwork for your successful grant of probate application.

Living Will - From £50 + VAT (single) £75 + VAT (joint)

For use where a client does not wish to make a full Personal Welfare LPA, but would like to leave directions concerning life sustaining treatment. The Living Will is also referred to as an Advance Decision or Advance Directive.

Land Registry Search - £12.00

Search, production and delivery of an ownership status report.

Severance of Joint Tenancy - £46.00

Completion of joint tenancy severance documents - form SEV - and registration with the Land Registry.

Commentary – Single - £25.00

Provides a detailed explanation of the Will and the clauses contained in the Will.

Commentary – A Pair - £40.00

As above, but for a couple, who require the commentary in each of their Wills.

Drafting - £25.00

Taking instructions from the testator and preparing a document for inclusion with the Will.

Document Storage – Single Will - From £25 + VAT per annum

Includes the safe storage of LPAs, property deeds, and other associated documents for the remainder of your life. As part of this service, we will contact you every three years for a free review of your Will.

Document Storage – Mirror Wills - From £35 + VAT per annum

Pair of Wills – includes the safe storage of LPAs, property deeds and other associated documents for the remainder of both lives. As part of this service, we will contact you every three years for a free review of your Will.


Estate Planning

With careful planning it is sometimes possible to make massive savings or potential savings for an estate on the death of the testator. Our charge for this service will vary depending on the complexity of the client`s circumstances and the degree of research that needs to be done. This could include consultations with leading expert opinion in specialist fields. In such cases, before agreeing to undertake any work for the client, we will indicate where savings or potential savings can be made. Where there is a marked degree of complexity to the recommendations, a written report illustrating the savings or potential savings will be produced, in order that the client can more easily make an informed decision. Our charges in such cases will be a minimum of one percent (1%) of the savings or potential savings made.


*"Prices From" explanation

You may notice that most of the prices are quoted "From £x" and may wonder why. The service you receive is always tailored to you, and we always charge a fixed fee for our services rather than an hourly cost. This allows you to know in advance what you are going to pay, and that there will not be any further additions or surprises! There can be regional variations for some products and services too. We always aim to provide you with the highest quality of service whilst keeping our prices accessible.

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