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Why TWP?

3 reasons to use The Willwriting Partnership

1. If there is a way to do it – we’ll find it!

Very often we come across situations with clients that they want to address. Where many will-writers and solicitors will simply tell you that it cannot be done – we go the extra mile and find a way to do it!

2. Find out how to take best advantage of your Will

There are many ways to take advantage of your Will and the various trusts that can be included in your Will. We will explore every avenue to get you the best advice and make best use of the options available to you.

3. We won’t leave you behind!

The Willwriting Partnership has been established since 1999. Featured in the Rochdale Observer, on Salford City Radio, Rossendale Radio and in other media in our area, we are still here and still going strong. Laws relating to your estate can change and we will endeavour to get in touch whenever there is something you can do to take advantage of a change. We will be available if you need us in the future and are just at the end of the phone for any advice relating to your Will, your estate or the protection of your assets.

More than just a will-writing service

We have established links with other related businesses that can help you exactly as we want to help you – financial services, funeral plans, other legal services. If we can find a way to save you money, protect your assets or improve your financial situation, we will tell you about it.

No pushy salesmen!

We are a family business and when you deal with us, you will deal directly with one of the owners of the business. If we see an opportunity to save you money, protect your assets, improve your financial situation, then we will give you the options available. There are no pushy salesmen or call-centres!

  • No pushy salesmen
  • Fair prices with outstanding service
  • FREE will reviews in the future
  • Members of the Society of Willwriters
  • Established in 1999
  • Very friendly (see testimonials)
  • Very professional (see testimonials)
  • Value added to the service by providing additional information to help you and your family.
  • Plenty of advice and after-service care.
  • Completely confidential service


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